Thursday, 22 January 2015

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Filling and un-filling the inventory is a constant for me - for many of us - one could easily spend days sifting through all the thousands of items in there - I may get it almost to where I want it and suddenly find it all full to the brim again.. as acquiring is obviously much faster, easier than the sorting part, luckily the payoffs makes it worthwhile...

Recently I found this great mesh hair, a  group gift at Emo-tions (free-group) which comes with a texture change hud for a selection of browns in ombres or solid - its long simple style suits my new pencil dress well - another find from Purple Moon at the Free Dove mini hunt - the dress has a texture change hud offering 4 colour choices with the black.  I  continued to accessorize, including this cute scrabble letter inspired manicure for the Maitreya hands only,  I found on the mp - a gift from Tashi - and awesome coincidence! I stumbled upon a hunt gift, this  fabulous necklace from LNS Designs for what seems to be a past hunt (look for the tiny thermometer near the lucky letter chairs) - this prize necklace is also styled with repurposed scrabble letters - how perfect - but it didn't stop there - there was also this very cute and very black 'n white watch,  one of the many group gifts available at LNS  (free group) -  I like that it actually tells time too.  Also added are pieces from a pearly jewelry set available on the mp, a gift from Lazuri which also comes with an intricate re-texture menu - and finally I added some my old favorites - a couple of past gacha prizes, the cute classic telephone bag from Zenith and a rings set by Aisling for their Sadhana gacha prize  -  also with a full re-texture hud - and is thankfully modifiable so I was able to adjust the rings to my avatar's hands quite perfectly. cool..  The very sharp shoes in plum are a group gift from Maitreya fitted to attach to their Lara mesh body just right - no squinting required !


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