Saturday, 7 February 2015

.. in the pink

So much pink - must be feeling grily today !  Admittedly - theres a lot of pink collecting up in my closet - starting with this great gg skin from Genesis Creations - I love how this generous gift includes all the skin tones as well as brow & cleavage options so you can really feel out the quality and options offered here.. so worthwhile to go the next step and pick up some appliers which also provide endless options.  I had to find a way to show off this cute little dress from Entice - its a group gift for the slf&o group - I love the originality and cute factor - Entice has many very nice freebies in way of group gifts, lucky letter boards and midnight mania boards - which are switched up quite regularly so always worth a visit.  I added a belt that came with another group gift dress available at !Soul - great that it's modifiyable making it easy to resize and position just right.  !Soul is another shop with a huge array of lovely mesh dresses with many options as group gifts - the group is free to join too !  

Its not too often that I'd choose to wear pink hair but this dress seemed to call for its - so I went with this long hatted do from LNS Designs called Braelyn - not one of the dozen lucky chair wins but at only 47L it comes pretty close (promo price for the pink/purple option).  While I was perusing their shop I came across this great gift in a  fun 8-bit  hair bow who's colours pulses through a range of pale to dark pink - and look how well it matches the hair colour also - I  also picked up the health bar jewelry set also in an 8bit style (NF) - this has a hud to set your health from low to high and comes with a mushroom containing a range fo fun poses.  I like how LNS offers so many different things from clothing to shoes to hair  or jewelry all with great texture huds or even poses with props - this designer is ready to take on any project !  

Several more stops I wanted to mention - I was attracted to a shop aptly named Sweet Thing for their MM board set to only 10 hits for a win - so with a small crowd there I was able to pick up quite a few of their sweet gifts - including some fun rings, accessories &  jewelry sets and even some gift cards. This shop has many offerings; outfits, hairstyles, jewellery and accessories even a selection of gacha goods to try your luck with - all very girly and of course sweet.  I was happy to find a gift nails set in Slink or Omega applier from a shop called Nail Me - specializing of course in nail appliers - lots of promotional love to be found there - these lovely Valentines nails come in a choice of 4 pinky styles - how nice !  
So having the Maitreya mesh body I seem to keep it on full time - favouring its smooth and shapely curves - suddenly there are plenty of choices in skin, clothing and shoes available for it or in 'Omega appliers as well.  Maitreya has been gradually upgrading their shoes to fit with the new mesh body's feet - and are available free if you owned the original versions.  I've happily been able to upgrade several pairs this way, and am wearing the Shiki in nude pair for this outfit - the re-texture hud offers numerous options for the wedge heel colours.   I went in the search for some simple stocking appliers but not having found quite what I was looking for I decided to try my hand at creating some applier textures myself- there is a developer kit available at the shop for free - which is also included when you purchase the body.  After some fiddling I put together a hud with 8 colour options in a simple sheer stocking - and decided to make it available on the mp - coming soon. I may have more options available soon as there're a few more ideas I'd like to realize shortly.  The  oversized dramatic lashes I seem to favour are purchases I made from Maxi Gossamer are lindens well spent as I'm hardly ever without them.  

Genesis  -  Entice  -   LNS Designs  -  Sweet Thing  -  Nail Me  -  Maitreya  -  !Soul -  Maxi Gossamer  -    My MP - coming soon 

Saturday, 31 January 2015

in the red

when you start to play with all the possible light and graphics settings in your sl viewer and then take your pixels to play a little more in your favorite graphics program - could be you never finish tweaking your latest pictures ! Hopefully I can remember what I did well enough if I wanted to repeat the effect. Then I start to peruse the flickr groups which quickly tells me I still have a lot to learn !  Recently I've come across so many great finds in the Valentines theme it was difficult to whittle them down to one outfit ...

the very passionate 'reds' took over after finding this awesome little dress on the mp from [Masoon]  as a promotional gift.  I pulled out these shiny new red boots - a recent MM win from E.C.R.U. as well as these cute earrings, that come with a matching necklace -hopefully they are featured again in the ever -giving MM board at this awesome shop. (the boots will work with slink feet or simply an alpha) As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a great skin shop - I thought was new, but actually, is not so new at all but has been around for quite some time as an MP only shop - Have you heard of Genesis Creations by Ravage Genesis ? He's recently taken the in-world plunge thanks to some of his enthusiastic fans - so you can now find his shop with all of his beautiful wares and group gifts in-world.  He has been busy creating all kinds of appliers lately so you should be able to find any needed enhancement appliers there too. The skin seen here is fittingly adorned with super red lips and some sweet painted hearts added - comes with several brow and cleavage options is actually group gift for the SL F&O group - I know.. its one of my go-to places for many of the great gifts abound in SL.  

Baby Monkey just put out a new group gift (group has a fee) this lovely mesh heart pendant on a little leather wrapped cord - which includes 2 metal colours and a retexture hud for the little inlaid gem in 12 possible birthstone options - of course I picked January - as the garnet colour is just right and it matches my rl bd too. ;-)  LNS Design just came out with a great gift of 4 model poses with these plump heart balloons configured for the different poses - they are modify so you can colour them to suit your mood exactly!  This gift is available at latest Candy Factory event.  
I have been wanting to find a hairstyle like the one pictured recently and happy coincidence I found that Tukinowaguma had exactly the style in a fat pack as a group gift, how awesome ! I also chanced upon this cute LOVE headband from the same designer, but as a gift at the Creators Collection Box - a new monthly sales event put on by a group of original content designers - so loads of great finds there and ofc - my favorite - loads of great gifts to fatten up your inventory as well - including the Valentines tattoo by Chocolate Atelier - I love that it comes in colour or plain black in system layers or with appliers.  Lurking about in the marketplace - I picked up these very cute Valentines themed tights by Izzies (limited time promotion) - which also come with appliers or system layers and 10 different heart shades to choose from.  Nice touch the appliers, because by the sounds of it, they are a bit of a headache for designers to set up. The 'Rayne' arm bands I had purchased ages ago for the 25L tuesdays @ Sweet Poison  they are modify so I was able to paint them dark red (sadly - having stopped by her shop it seems this item is now retired) - as I did this cute Bow Ring - a past gg from Maxi Gossamer - who really spoils her group members with gifts and flash sales and even impromptu hunts - although the jewelry to be found there is always original and top shelf.

Locations -  Black Kite for the first picture -  I love the fun set up there - interesting, unique & dramatic backdrops,  then  Tempura Island for the pretty backgrounds..  which would also be a nice place for a date.. just saying ..

Thursday, 22 January 2015

. arrivals .

Filling and un-filling the inventory is a constant for me - for many of us - one could easily spend days sifting through all the thousands of items in there - I may get it almost to where I want it and suddenly find it all full to the brim again.. as acquiring is obviously much faster, easier than the sorting part, luckily the payoffs makes it worthwhile...

Recently I found this great mesh hair, a  group gift at Emo-tions (free-group) which comes with a texture change hud for a selection of browns in ombres or solid - its long simple style suits my new pencil dress well - another find from Purple Moon at the Free Dove mini hunt - the dress has a texture change hud offering 4 colour choices with the black.  I  continued to accessorize, including this cute scrabble letter inspired manicure for the Maitreya hands only,  I found on the mp - a gift from Tashi - and awesome coincidence! I stumbled upon a hunt gift, this  fabulous necklace from LNS Designs for what seems to be a past hunt (look for the tiny thermometer near the lucky letter chairs) - this prize necklace is also styled with repurposed scrabble letters - how perfect - but it didn't stop there - there was also this very cute and very black 'n white watch,  one of the many group gifts available at LNS  (free group) -  I like that it actually tells time too.  Also added are pieces from a pearly jewelry set available on the mp, a gift from Lazuri which also comes with an intricate re-texture menu - and finally I added some my old favorites - a couple of past gacha prizes, the cute classic telephone bag from Zenith and a rings set by Aisling for their Sadhana gacha prize  -  also with a full re-texture hud - and is thankfully modifiable so I was able to adjust the rings to my avatar's hands quite perfectly. cool..  The very sharp shoes in plum are a group gift from Maitreya fitted to attach to their Lara mesh body just right - no squinting required !


Free Dove  -  Purple Moon   -   Emo-tions  -  Maitreya  -  LNS  Designs   -  Lazuri  mp  -  Tashi  mp  -  Aisling -   Zenith  -

Monday, 19 January 2015

wear protection !

 This cute 'Oz mini dress' is a generous group gift from a  great shop called Mirus for the SL Free & Offers group- a big, busy group which true to its name, has loads of member designers offering promotional deals and gifts.   
After several attempts,  I managed to make it to Project Limited on opening day, which is a sales event where the many participating shops have created special items to be sold for this one occasion in, as you may have guessed,  limited quantities -  how better to attract the herds of us impulse shoppers.  What caught my eye there was a very stark armour set by DRD,  the set includes 2 metal colours for the shoulder guards, armbands and bracers, all copy/mod so you can  adjust all the parts to custom fit your pixel bodies.  The set somehow works well with that little black dress, perhaps its just me, but now, freshly armoured, I soldiered on to  Dirty Princess where I picked up these great gladiator sandals meant for Slink high feet (which I still have yet to purchase - but they almost work with the Maitreya mesh body/feet - note the slightly out of focus eye squinting could almost believe they do fit look..okay, never mind, i do try..) they are a very cute group gift and the group is free as well.

 Next stop,  Free Dove where I found a lovely necklace by PurpleMoon - with beautiful detailing, plus it has a built-in re-texture menu, offering 4 metal colours.  I'd found this gift amidst loads of somewhat dated freebies, Free Dove holds mini hunts laid out by different sponsors each month, so the place has a kind of thrift shop ambiance with the same gratifying feel you get when you come away with some awesome hidden treasures. 
You may recognize this fun curly hairstyle  [AD - 42 ] from Analog Dog, it can be found in their free-ball on the beach off to the side, the texture hud that comes with it allows for a huge variety of hair colour changes.  
The leather strap bracelet is a hunt gift from Apple May Designs for the MOH5 - which comes in 2 different sizes and colours so even us non-men can enjoy it. Look for that tall frosty cold beer to find this hunt gift.  
For new eyes, I went to Mayfly, which offers very intricate menus built right into their mesh eyes, for adjustments in placement, size, brightness, pupil size and more.  You can try out their gift set available on the Marketplace in this London Fog version.

You may notice the hair base offers just the right curls  - this is part of hair from .ploom.  called Mystic V2 in browns offered in a gacha. 
The skin worn .:Li: - Summer,  is a wonderful group gift you can find at PumeC, with all possible appliers in a mega hud,  plus new for the Maitreya mesh body you can find an extra skin applier, also for free. I did take the mesh body plunge - finally - I like having all the avatar's improvements in one as opposed to various components all needing different appliers to match.  You can find a special Omega relay hud for the Maitreya body here at Love'nLust for only 3L if you join the free group. The Omega system is a universal applier system that works for numerous avatar enhancements on the market.  
I found the little *P* 3 gem face piercing on the marketplace as a dollarbie, this also has a full re-texture menu built-in - in fact I found tons of nice gifts on the marketplace, i didn't know about this trick that helps refine searches, you can type "NOT demo" in the search field (must be in caps) which actually works perfectly to sift out any items with the word demo in its name, making the search far easier while the offers seem to be endless - so more to post soon.  

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

dun dun dun... the yearbook challenge !

A friend got me onto this challenge presented by Strawberry Singh - on her blog - 'The Yearbook Smile Challenge' - you can view the flickr group here to see so many people's versions... she has opened this challenge asking for submissions of your formal school pictures (re)-created, or creatively re-invented in second life - I do believe there will be enough entries there to actually print a book soon, perhaps the Lindens would want to take that on for an office novelty ?  The project could maybe move towards adding candid shots on campus, group pictures of teams or the glee club and so on..  I'd encourage anyone to take on this endeavour  and I'd love see all of your yearbook smiles!

How do you make your avatar smile ?  There is a default smile, and I too have never quite liked the look of it, nor can I remember how to make it happen to my avatar easily,  so I chose instead to use a little teeth-baring alpha that came with a lovely gift skin from Essences -  then added some lipgloss and finally edited up the corners of my avatar's mouth - I didn't really feel like going the route of trying extra add-on new gadget thingy for a 'more-better-even' smile - but I feel this works well - at the cost of 0L which always makes me smile! *wink*  For the picture I did a little bit of messing around in photoshop to get more of the formal school picture feel. I picked hair, skin clothes etc which reminded me of my high-school days -  here are the sources;

Skin - Atomic - {HeartStrings} Latte - black brows - (similar to 'Muse' skin (this is a past Chapter4 special apparently no longer in mp or in world shop) 
Hair - Raw House - Willow - blacks - [marketplace]
Shirt - Monso - My OffShoulder SHirt - red check 
Bow-Tie Swirl - Pure Poison - group gift - free group 
Ears - Mandala - Steking ears (full texture hud for skin & piercings) 
Earrings - Scrub - no longer available - but still worth a visit  for clothing and accessories
Eyes - Az Design - Sky Black - [marketplace] - 30L
Lashes - BC Lashes - [marketplace] - 1L
EyeLiner - Corvus - CatEye Eyeliner - 30L
Freckles - Soonsiki - formerly Milk - Odd Beauty Freckles - included with group gift dec.2014 - free group